Ready to Sell Online?

MSW Interactive Designs is a proud Shopify partner, so it's easy to get started.

We love this platform and its ease of use for our clients. In fact, we think Shopify is so easy to use, we simply help you through the setup and customization process (so your storefront looks beautiful and professional), and then we turn it over to you to manage and enter your products. You pay shopify directly for your site hosting. We just bill an hourly rate to help you get up and running! Of course, for those who don't want to enter their own products, we can certainly help with that too.

Why You Should Choose Shopify as your eCommerce Platform

  • It's Easy to Accept Online Payments
    No need to setup your merchant account. Shopify has this built in and we love that! All you have to do is enable it in your account and enter your bank account information so they can move the money there when you sell something. Simple.

  • Nice SEO Features
    In our many years building eCommerce sites, Shopify's SEO options are the best we've seen. You can optimize all the way down to the individual product level ... which is awesome!

  • Tiered Pricing Makes It Affordable to Start a Small Shop
    Many eCommerce platforms are expensive because they are feature-packed. You may or may not need all those features. Shopify let's you get started for a minimal cost and grow your site and capabilities as your business grows.

  • Mobile Friendly
    Your Shopify store will be mobile friendly out of the box - no extra coding is needed. With the volume of eCommerce business done on mobile devices, it's imperitive that your store is mobile friendly. Oh by the way, it's extremely important to Google too!

  • Robust Product Options
    You can add multiple pictures per product. Users can view larger product photos too! You can show sale pricing, include robust descriptions, and offer multiple attributes for products. You can also track inventory. All of these features are built right in. Sweet!

We could go on and on about this platform, but probably the best testimonial we can give is that we use it for OUR OWN eCommerce store, (check it out)!


If You Are Ready to Get Started, Here's How It Works

You have a couple of options.

  1. If you just want to give it a whirl 100% on your own, go ahead and sign up for your 14-day free trial and get started!

    Shopify has a great online user manual with plenty of tutorials that show you how to do everything. Of course, this is more time consuming because you'll have a little bit a learning curve, but we're confident you can do it! All you need is little technical knowledge and the ability to read and follow instructions.

  2. If you don't want to have learn how to setup and customize all the "stuff" for site and you'd rather have us do it, bypass the free trial and give us a call. We'll setup a store for you in our "developer" account. We'll help get it branded and customized, enable your online payments, help with the setup of the shipping, sales tax, categories, and site navigation. While we are doing that, you can start entering your products.

    The nice thing about going this route is that you aren't limited to 14 days before you have to start paying for the platform. Your shop can sit in our developer account with hosting fees for as long as it takes to get your products entered. For the customization on our end, it typically takes 4-6 hours of time and we just charge our regulary hourly rate of $95.

    One the site is ready to go and you have your products entered, we move the site out of our development environment into your own Shopify account. You then have full control and pay Shopify directly for the monthly hosting from there. You can still work with us on your social media presence and SEO, though. :-)