Ready to Sell Online?

MSW Interactive Designs is a proud Shopify partner.

We love this platform and its ease of use for our clients. It's robust, integrates seamlessly with your Facebook business page, and it has a merchant account built in. You no longer have to juggle multiple accounts with your eCommerce store, a seperate payment gateway, paypal, etc. And who doesn't like easy?

Some of our favorite features:

  • It's Easy to Accept Online Payments
    No need to setup your merchant account. Our platform has this built in and we love that! All you have to do is enable it in your account and enter your bank account information so they can move the money there when you sell something. Simple.

  • Nice SEO Features
    In our many years building eCommerce sites, the SEO options on this platform are the best we've seen. You can optimize all the way down to the individual product level ... which is awesome!

  • Tiered Pricing Makes It Affordable to Start a Small Shop
    Many eCommerce platforms are expensive because they are feature-packed. You may or may not need all those features. Our platform let's you get started for a minimal cost and grow your site and capabilities as your business grows. With our affordable maintenance plan, we're here to help keep your Shop running smoothly and handle any technical issues that may arise.

  • Mobile Friendly
    Your store will be mobile friendly out of the box - no extra coding is needed. With the volume of eCommerce business done on mobile devices, it's imperitive that your store is mobile friendly. Oh by the way, it's extremely important to Google too!

  • Robust Product Options
    You can add multiple pictures per product. Users can view larger product photos too! You can show sale pricing, include robust descriptions, and offer multiple attributes for products. You can also track inventory. All of these features are built right in. Sweet!

We could go on and on about this platform, but probably the best testimonial we can give is that we use it for OUR OWN eCommerce store, WhereBridesGo.com (check it out)!

If You Are Ready to Talk eCommerce, Give Us a Call and We'll Get You Started!