Frequently Asked Questions

Are your lights UL Certified?

Yes. All lighting is built and tested in accordance with UL Standards. UL certification is recognized in the USA and Canada

Do you ship?

Yes. We ship in the continental USA and Canada. We strive to reduce cost by competitively bidding shipping. We also deliver to clients in our route to Texas for a minimal charge. (Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas)

Do you customize existing lighting?

Yes. Each piece is unique and hand crafted. Customization is one aspect we’re known for. We also look at Client ideas and create articles that fit their specific requirements Is your products genuine


Yes. All start with vintage articles picked from farms or industrial sites.

Can we order from Website?

No. Contact us at 469-658-5396 or for questions and ordering.

Where do we get pricing?

Contact us at 469-658-5396 for questions and pricing.

Do you assist in lighting selections?

Yes and at no charge

Do you assist with architectural plans?

Yes and at no charge. We work with Clients, Interior Designers and Architectural Firms.

What is your lead time to shipping?

If item is in stock, the lead time is 5 business time. If not in stock our lead time runs 30 - 60 days based on availability of parts.

decor made from vintage materials

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Farm & Factory Interiors



Camdenton, MO "Workshop"
By Appointment


Round Top Texas Antique Show

The Compound - The Stables

Spring 2020: March 21 through April 04
Fall 2020: September 19 through October 03

Address: 2550 S. Hwy 237, Round Top, Texas, 78954

Phone Number: 979.551.5916


Marburger Farms - Tent B-b3

Spring 2020: March 31 - April 04
Fall 2020: September 29 - October 03

Address: 2248 S. Hwy 237, Round Top, Texas, 78954

Phone Number: 800.947.5799