Tools & Resources We Love

  • Branding, Marketing, Video, and Images

    Branding, Marketing, Video, and Images

    Whether it's professional headshots for branding, tuning images, or creating infographics, we use all the AI tools below and highly recommend them to make your work easier!

    SECTA Professional Headshots
    Create incredible professional headshot in an array of settings from your existing selfies!

    HeyGen: Personalizing the AI Experience 
    Create cloned avatars of yourself or other team leaders, then create videos with them speaking from text inputs. It's pretty incredible

    Eleven Labs: Revolutionizing Voice Generation!
    Clone your voice - VERY realistic! Perfect for training videos, pods, and more.

    DeepBrain: AI for Business Video
    Automated Video Creation with AI. DeepBrain AI's video generator offers tools that instantly converts any topic prompt, URL, PDF, blogs, articles, and PowerPoint to video.

    Outgrow: Lead Generation Assessments for Your Website
    This is our favorite tool for creating interactive assessments and quizzes to generate leads on your website.

  • Business Operations & Mindset

    Business Operations & Mindset

    From writing emails to proof reading to contract review, these are the AI tools we recommend. This includes data analysis and SOP development too!

    Tango SOP AI Generator
    Gone are the days of manually writing Standard Operating Procedures and training guides. Tango generates EVERYTHING for you. Do it once and Tango and grabs the steps, screen captures, and more. Make a Business Plan that Inspires!
    Exceptionally detailed business plans, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis and so much more.
    The AI is mind-blowing!!!


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